Laura Bettinson (FEMME)

Described as a “one-woman powerhouse’” by BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, FEMME is the real deal when it comes to unadulterated artistry. As composer, producer, vocalist and DJ, FEMME has eschewed major label interest in order to maintain her musical vision without interference. This uncompromising approach hasn’t stopped her mixing with the great and the good: FEMME has toured the USA with Charli XCX, featured on tracks by Sasha, Justin Martin, Four Tet and David Lynch. FEMME is also close collaborator and vocalist in the band Ultraísta with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. FEMME’s music has appeared in popular TV campaigns with Netflix, Made in Chelsea, Boohoo, and most recently composed the soundtrack for an Adidas Originals China advert and music for the Pro-Evolution Soccer 2019 video game.
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