Virgin Vacation (Hong Kong) *Digital Showcase via app*

If music is a medium for communication; Virgin Vacations’ music would be a
conversation between two individual voices.
A Krautrock-like powerful momentum that is constantly pushing yet ever-changing
focus on the design in song structure that is minimalistic and logical.
On the other hand, infusing free-jazz and free music that detach from traditional
tonal music concept. Focus on the essence of ‘in the moment’ that does not bound
by rules.
These two individual soundings interacts between structure and non-structure;
partly in sync yet partly in flux; a music experiment in finding its counterpoint.

MOJA (Japan) *Digital Showcase via app*

MOJA is the band from TOKYO, JAPAN.

MOJA formed by Drums ”Masumi + Bass,Vox “Haru”.

We perform base on Japan, but we were invited to many music festivals and events around the world.

Meter Room (Hong Kong) *Digital Showcase via app*

METER ROOM is dedicated to amplify that unutterable inner voice. In an
inexhaustibly varied life, Hope always remains in a symbiotic relationship with
Darkness; in such gloom, METER ROOM enchants glimpses of Hope with
melodies enveloped in fuzzy noises.

Kids from Mars (Catalonia) *Digital Showcase via app*

At just 15 years old Kids from Mars debuted with their song “August” which put them in the spotlight for their musical maturity and their ability to rock the stage with the energy and the know-how of those who have spent years on it. Now, at 18 years old, Kids from Mars have already released two EP’s “

Go Go Machine Orchestra (Taiwan) *Digital Showcase via app*

Go Go Machine Orchestra was established in 2017 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The artists who create the group’s hypnotic collage of music and sound are Ni-Li Tang (piano), Pin-Hsin Wang (electronics), Bai-Hsun Chung (synthesizer), Li-Wei Chen (guitar) and Mao-Sung Lee (percussion).
The group takes elements from many different musical styles (minimalism, electronica, slowcore, percussion-based music) and creates a sound that could be compared to a sight seeing tour: much like each stop along the way provides different scenery, each composition provides a completely different aural landscape. By the journey’s end the listener’s senses have been profoundly affected.
Each band member studied and perfected their musical craft at various international locales (Paris, New York, Chicago, Tokyo), and after returning to Taiwan formed Go Go Machine Orchestra. They have performed at major music festivals and music industry events all over Taiwan, and now they will embark on their first European tour, with North American and Asian tours to follow. The group is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share their music with a global audience.

Drinking Boys And Girls Choir (Korea) *Digital Showcase via app*

Drinking Boys And Girls Choir is a 3-piece skate punk band featuring challenge and energy of youth. Formed in 2013 They have released debut album as well as participated in 2019 SXSW, The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City. Also well-known music magazines such as Stereogum MTV US Brookelnvegan The 405 and The Quietus posted articles favorable to Drinking Boys And Girls Choir’s skate punk music. Inspired by Sum41 NOFX and Daegu’s 90s-00s hardcore punk/indie-rock scene. They won’t move to the capital prefering to nurture a sustainable local scene.

Dresden Wolves (Mexico) *Digital Showcase via app*

Dresden Wolves is a mexican post-punk duo from Mexico city., the duo consists of Emmanuel Rapeta Garcia ( Drumms-vocals) and Oscar Manuel L?pez Herrera (Bass). Since the beginning we were focus on one type of music; that was make music with a lot of distortion but also make riffs that make you move like crazy. Despite we are just two, we sound like we are 3 or 4 guys playing like a Lion roaring at your face.

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