Hanorah (QC, Canada)

Hanorah is a singer, songwriter, and visual artist from Montréal, Canada. Influenced by the likes of Etta James, Joss Stone, and Amy Winehouse, the combination of Hanorah’s powerful voice and the vulnerability of her messaging naturally drew her to soul music. Following several televised performances and a record deal, she released her debut EP ‘For The Good Guys And The Bad Guys’ in 2019. The record amassed over a million streams, won her several awards, and helped her tour extensively through Canada and the U.S. supporting artists such as Mavis Staples, Coeur de Pirate, and Seratones.

After years on the road, Hanorah took advantage of recent down time to plunge back into songwriting and forge a new musical direction. What emerged was a collection of songs highlighting the overlap between the maturity of experience and the enduring child-like charm of playfulness. Music which journeys through emotions of the past and present, as she blurs the lines between the recurring cycles of time, choice, and circumstance. The result was her first full length album ‘Perennial’. A work packed with RnB grooves and soulful ballads as it digs deeper into Hanorah’s musical roots to explore the lush tones and textures of her voice.

Ivytide (QC, Canada)

Ivytide is an indie pop band from Montreal, Canada. founding members, Nathan Gagné (vocals, guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar) and Kyle Ruggiero (bass) met at a recording studio, where they started to develop a chemistry in their songwriting. A mutual love for lo-fi indie music led to the production of bedroom pop songs with intricate, but catchy melodies, which float on top of well thought-out instrumentation.

Yohvn Blvck (Nova Scotia)

Yohvn Blvck, born Edwin Yohance Hull in St John’s, Antigua, 1995, can be found continuously breaking boundaries in Canada since arriving in 2013. Notable for his unique sound, charisma and exuberant performances, Blvck is an up and coming artist with an already strong foundation set and laid.

With roots grounded in RnB, Blvcks alternative sound blossoms effortlessly in conjunction with obvious Hip Hop and Rock influences. He is truly in his element whether in the studio or on stage, where he alternates between reveling in and surrendering to his own vulnerability. The singer songwriters’ energy is unmatched as he pours his heart into each unique track of his EP “Icarus”.

No stranger to dark times, the Antiguan artist shares his soul with fans, delving into depictions of substance abuse, relationships and betrayal. With tracks like “California” and “Drowning”, Blvck unapologetically shines a light on heartbreak, hopelessness and the will it takes to persevere. Listeners can’t help but be left with a sense of solace after each performance.

Flying high, with fierce dedication and a soulful approach, Yohvn Blvck is a force to be reckoned with. His ever-adaptive approach to life translates seamlessly into his music, with each passing verse pulling you in closer to the artists own unique perspective.

Mouraine (AB, Canada)

Born in Sudan, bred in Edmonton Canada, destined for stages around the world; Mouraine is a name to pay attention to. His debut EP Bigger Dreams, released via Birthday Cake Records in 2021 received props from Complex, The Source, CBC, Earmilk, Exclaim!, RANGE, If It’s Too Loud, Hip Hop Canada and more. After hustling in the underground for the past few years, Mouraine is quickly making moves to emerge into the limelight on the brink of his breakthrough full-length album, In Search of Gold. Slated for release in the spring of 2023, the project is a collaboration with producer duo deadmen (Begonia, Royal Canoe, Ashleigh Ball, Ian Sweet), with features from his brother MOTO, Canadian R&B icon JRDN, and a few surprise appearances. The songs delve into Mouraine’s personal life story and deliver an intimate vulnerability complemented by captivating stories, bold lyricism and colossal beats.

“There comes a time in every artist’s career to pursue their unimaginable creativity, to find themselves and their sound. “In Search of Gold” is metaphorically a representation of my life journey. I’ve always thought that chasing possessions was going to fulfill me. But I realized that to find gold is to find your purpose, peace, and happiness, and that’s what this album means to me.” – Mouraine

As a young, first-generation immigrant to Canada, Mouraine first learned to speak English through his insatiable appetite for music. Hip Hop, Rap and R&B lyrics became his teacher, his solace, and his inspiration to use this language as a tool for self expression and survival. By the age of 11 he began writing, recording and performing original music that would lead to sharing stages with the likes of Mac Miller, J.Cole, T-Pain, Big Sean, Pusha T, Classified, and Shad. Mouraine’s music has been placed in Footlocker Ads, played live at Toronto Raptors NBA games, awarded him accolades from his community and peers, and continues to infect audiences around the world. A seemingly endless source of energy, there’s no denying that Mouraine has a magnetic ability to pull people in and make them feel a part of his music and message.

Queen of Harps (Scotland)

Queen of Harps in an exciting new artist, producer, and lyricist, coming to us from Edinburgh, Scotland.


Telgate are a fiery aggro-Glam band from South Wales with a duty to start riots in 6″ platform boots!


KINGKHAN is a Cardiff based rapper and producer bringing a fresh take to the current sphere of UK rap. After self releasing his debut album ‘Lovesongs & Melodrama’ in 2019, he made a name for himself in the South Wales music scene, getting slots at notable music festivals throughout Wales and the UK. His unique style of production blends detailed instrumentals with melodic hooks and lyrics that often span across different genres, whilst still holding his influences on his sleeve.


E1EVEN is an exciting new artist coming from Cardiff in South Wales.

Lizzi£ Squad

Lizzi£ Squad are Korrupted & North H, two versatile upcoming artists living in North Wales but both originally from Portugal with African backgrounds. They proving themselves to be one of the most exciting groups out of Wrexham city, independent with no label and they’ve also opened stage for big names like Afro B, Dappy and many more. Representing their reality, pain and struggles and determined to stand out all through their unique sound.

Dave Acton

“I’m just trying to find the cleverest way to say I’m sad and hope it helps”

Dave Acton is a rapper hailing from Wrexham, Wales. Influenced by the likes of Joe Budden and Mic Righteous for the vulnerability and honesty they display in their music and battle rappers like Lunar C, Illmaculate and Shox the Rebel, Dave attempts self therapy with his extremely personal songwriting and creative lyrics.


Darren Ford, aka 4Dee, has been right at the heart of the Welsh hip hop scene since the early 1980’s. His involvement in hip hop in the Welsh capital of Cardiff can be traced back to 1983 as one of the area’s original b-boys. We’re pleased to welcome 4Dee in Wrexham for his FOCUS Wales debut in 2023!

Mercy Rose

Just two 30 year old sexy, depressed goddess’ with songs of being broke, heartbroken, high and the baddest in the game. With sweet melodic vocals, cut throat rhymes and nostalgic riddims courtesy of Miss Mercy Jane, we will take you on a Trip to Nostalgiavillie, bringing you something you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without.


5 piece Progressive Metal band from the North Wales coast. Taking pride to bring the tightest, most disgustingly heavy riffs, enriched with melody, vocal diversity, dirty electronics, and impacting lyrical themes.

MC Salum (Scotland)

Dundee born, half Scottish half English, MC Salum encapsulates all things that make a modern artist; MC, producer, rapper, collaborator, and visionary. His sound is laden with a variety of influences, the future of music which has learnt so much from the past. His infectious character draws people to him with each release, asserting a youthful presence in the Scottish scene. He collaborate s closely with his good friends and his talent for scouting guest vocalists makes each track fresh and exciting. Together they have fused a sound of experimental R&B with alternative hip hop, all under the umbrella of zany pop.

NADUH (BC, Canada)

5 piece femme powered hip hop group, NADUH, write, engineer, and produce all of their music – meaning they have crafted a sound that’s truly representative of their collective energy – spreading unity consciousness through R&B infused beats that hit every chakra, laced with buttery-smooth vocals and herstorical lyrics. This one-of-a-kind group aims to shatter earthly constructs and help their audience access higher realms of consciousness while entertaining their urge to twerk.


The signature baritone and lyrical dexterity of Cardiff’s premier emcee Skunkadelic is instantly recognisable amidst the ever fertile soundscape of UK Hip-Hop.

Aside from solo work, Skunkadelic has a resident post at the helm of 9-piece monster funk collective Afro Cluster and has written, recorded and toured extensively with the group over the last decade.


Hailing from the bowels of East London Deijuvhs is an artist who continues to resonate with a rapidly increasing number of people drawn in by his tenacity to break the wheel when it comes to strict genre norms and unabashed authenticity. Taking inspiration from Punk, Metal, Drill, Jungle and many more otherworldly genres, Deijuvhs seamlessly blends and moulds all the sonics into a perfect unique amalgamation and refuses to be placed into a box as he continues to keep exploring how far his distinctive sound will take him. No one sounds quite like Deijuvhs.

Juice Menace

Juice Menace, Cardiff’s CEO, is 21 and is paving her way into the industry. With an impressive run of singles to date including Sundown, No Speaking and more recently 24sand FUPTHECLUB, whilst shutting down Leeds festival in summer 21, she really is one to watch. 2022 brings an impressive run of live shows off her strongly built foundation including The Great Escape, Glastonbury and Splash festival in Germany. Her ability to flow over any beat and rival any rapper is catching a lot of people’s attention and is developing her an ever growing core fanbase that backs the artists every move. Juice Menace is just at the beginning of her journey, as an adept and whip-smart lyricist, flawless performer and the leading creative mastermind of her career to date, she’s proving worthy of the “CDF CEO” title already fondly awarded to her by her peers and dedicated fanbase.

  • Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

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