Bethan Lloyd

Bethan Lloyd is a Welsh artist whose trance inducing vocals expand over an ocean of rave inspired production, harmonic layering and otherworldly ecstasy. Working with the unseen realms, Bethan takes her intense explorations of the spirit and emotional realms and blends them into something playful and danceable, a gritty experimental pop.

BAHR (Germany)

Creating and sharing soundscapes. Visualizing thoughts and emotions. Reaching out, connecting. Journeyman. Traces of modal soul.

My beats and NFTs are like diary entries. A digital native in this analogue world in transition.

Genre: Hip-Hop-Rave, Bass, Electronic


Hemes is an up and coming singer and songwriter based in South Wales, she has recently released her debut EP “Matters of the mind” which is sonically diverse whilst still staying true to Hemes’ sound, the tracks range from bubbly electric guitar lead songs in “Headache” and “Faking a smile” to more mellow, cinematic and RnB inspired tracks in “Calm” and ” Something good”. The EP is lyrically bold and specific and is a capsule into Hemes’ thoughts, discussing topics like overthinking, anxiety, and reeling for a sense of relief.

Mixing R&b tones with catchy pop melodies Hemes takes influence from artists such as The Weekend, Grace Carter and Griff. Based in South Wales, Hemes was born to Arabic parents and her love for music and songwriting stemmed from being raised around a mix of western and middle eastern music, she takes inspiration from personal experiences of growing up, mental health and self-discovery.

Silent Forum

Silent Forum are a post-punk band which flit from cold and brooding to anthemic and overbold with ease. Humorous lyrics centred around office work, the Welsh music scene and life in the UK during lockdown give listeners a different, amusing take on their inner workings during both mundane and extraordinary events. The group’s primary motivation is to surprise and entertain, giving listeners pop music which excites by pushing them slightly outside of their comfort zone. Their live persona reflects this, with vocalist Richard Wiggins diving around on stage and getting het up amongst the audience.

In late 2019 the band released their debut album Everything Solved at Once which was the culmination of several year’s efforts. It felt like the group had “arrived” at a sound, neither the fresh faced, excitably indie of their formative years, nor the straight up angsty post-punk of their early EPs, rather – something in between. Since then, Silent Forum have finished writing and recording their next effort which is hookier and more immediate than ever.

Jet Pack Dog

Jet Pack Dog is a ritualistic gathering of dense occult tinged vocal layers intersecting chopped up hardware noise and overdriven bass lines with a cascade of sampled drummers and distorted drum machines. The pair formed within Berlin’s DIY scene and are prone to intense writing periods in the Welsh wilderness, where many of their songs are birthed through ritual and sonic immersion. Their sound incorporates elements of experimental pop, avant rock, noise, rave and electro-punk with the duos unmistakable vocal synergy.

Jofish Swimming

After releasing his first body of work, ‘Can Do Better, Will Do Better’, a short but sweet EP filled with glitchy night time beats to look out of the window to, musician and producer Jofish Swimming is back with a new set of tracks to premiere live. With each new song more needlessly choppy and noisy than the last, you’ll be scratching your heads with such questions as “Did he just sample a YouTube pub fights compilation over this beat?” and “Why?”. Not one to be missed.

Bemz (Scotland)

Champion of Scotland’s hip-hop scene Bemz has been crowned BBC Introducing’s Scottish Act of the Year. In a very special live event, Bemz – aka Nigerian-born, Glasgow-based Jubemi Iyiku – performed alongside three other incredible finalists (from a longlist of nearly 500 acts) before being awarded the coveted title by a panel of judges that included some of the most influential figures in music.

Naya Ali (QC, Canada)

Montreal-based Ethiopian rapper Naya Ali burst onto the Hip-Hop Canadian scene in 2017 and does not hide her international ambitions and is quickly noticed for her personality and unparalleled flow. Since the release of her first EP “Higher Self”, the emerging artist has drawn looks and attention from several media and some major hip-hop players, even abroad. With the release of the first part of her real debut album Godspeed: Baptism (Prelude), back in March 2020, Naya Ali is once again making a great fuss and proving that she has nothing to envy the American household names.

Aptly titled Godspeed: Elevated, this new body of work showcases her journey from her introduction in the rap game to her baptism and now her elevation. The prelude was her humble introduction to the game; however, this new chapter testifies that Naya Ali is an artist of exception, full of power, bravado, but also vulnerability. “Godspeed: Elevated” is an album with a mature tone that acknowledges the very real human emotions she experienced in the past few years, from recording her first songs in her basement to performing on the biggest stages of the province and country.

Rona Mac

Rona Mac (she/her,) is a self-invented, genre-fusing, queer singer-songwriter bringing us guitar driven tracks which provide a hooky bed for her haunting vocals and sophisticated lyricism, resulting in raw, lo-fi indie-pop heavily influenced by Americana-Folk and Country.

She records and produces in her caravan at home in rural West Wales, and her music is imbued with her surroundings of rugged cliffs and wide open spaces. Hence, her music comes unfiltered and full of feeling, as she says “If I can talk about things we’ve been told we shouldn’t, and help people connect to feelings they tucked away in their teens, then I’ll be happy when I’m old”.

Rona Mac has recently played at FOCUS Wales Showcase, Sŵn Fest, Half moon Putney, Clwb Ifor Bach, New York’s CMJ music marathon and Great Escape.

Rona’s upcoming release ‘Shades Of Ham’ (due March22) sees Rona swing between raw, lo-fi laments with stunningly layered, rough-at-the-edges vocals, and crunchy guitar solos that weave in and out of trad-folk sounds and atmospheric rhythmic twists. The work effortlessly takes her home production to euphoric new heights, and she’ll be touring it this in the Spring, starting with BBC6Music Festival.


Two of Cardiff’s longest serving emcees Johnny B, (Keltech & Johnny B/Son of Brian) and Dregz (Skinz/Higher Learning/DER Collective) have combined to form the boom bap Hip-hop outfit Xenith, along with long time collaborator C-Live (Underdogs/Skinz) and a host of special guest vocalists.

Combining the high energy performance style, acrobatic and well crafted rhyming skills of Johnny B together with the conscious, and intricate flows of Dregz, and the caramel smooth delivery of C-Live, gifts Xenith with a unique sound rarely found in HIp-hop today.

The group are currently working on their first collective and highly anticipated studio album ‘iLL Repute’ which is due for release in summer 2022.

The collaboration between these emcees began on previous Keltech & Johnny B vinyl album releases (The Name, and Rhyme Hungry) a collaboration that has spanned the years from support performances for artists such as Ice-T, to the formation of this latest coalition of artists and emcees, embodying the meaning of the word Xenith.

K4CIE (Scotland)

K4CIE. DJ / Producer / Radio host


The product of Caribbean/Indian/Filipino/Welsh heritage and raised Rastafari, Cardiff singer and producer Kiddus’ musical stylings are as eclectic as his upbringing, splicing R&B, punk, afrobeat, indie-pop and drill into something starkly unique. Emerging in 2019 with his entirely self-produced debut EP “Snake Girl – Disc 1” and it’s equally DIY music videos, the elusive artist landed himself on Giles Petersons’ Future Bubblers roster and later garnered cosigns from KEXP, the BBC, COLORS, Mixmag and VICE.

In contrast to the often lowkey vocals on his records, the character of Kiddus is bold and bizarre – frequently appearing with cherry-red skin and blank, pink eyes. Kiddus’ Instagram is laced with cryptic and unsettling ‘glitches’ and clues, his stories will often flip between sincere content and scripted fantasy without clear distinction and social media is the only place you can view many of his elaborate looping music videos.

The live show has earned a similar reputation for unpredictability too, with the singer bouncing between guitar and sample pads, crooning covers and joking with the crowd one moment and screaming and sprinting cross-venue the next.

After a busy pandemic of features, remixes and singles via Brownswood Recodings, Kitsuné Musique and his own label ‘Ends World Fair’ – Kiddus returns to cap off his debut project with “Snake Girl – Disc 2”

Benji Wild

Benji Wild began honing his rap skills as a child of the early 00’s. Rapping on street corners across Cardiff, and taking part in rap battles wherever he could find them, he was soon establishing himself on the scene. By his late teens he found himself couch surfing across the UK, following the bassline music scene, and this adventure would eventually lead to the Greek island of Crete, where he lived for a year as resident MC in the clubs for the summer season. The experience of travel, absorbing new cultures and new sounds, and being able to perform for a living, was just the taster required, and he returned home more motivated than ever to find a path into music.

Shortly after this he met a Cardiff MC by the name of ‘Traxx’, who was looking for new collaborators, and this soon evolved into the grime-punk group Astroid Boys. Whilst momentum was growing, in 2013 they had to hit the brakes. Jumped on the streets of Cardiff after a show, Benji found himself in prison for a short stretch, due to a street fight that regretfully got out of hand. ‘It really was the last thing I wanted to happen in life at that point. It was such a sobering and humbling experience. Perhaps in the long run, it was the thing that has made me focus my energies so much on music, and makes me want to make the most of the opportunities I have now.’

Astroid Boys eventually delivered multiple tours, sharing stages with the likes of Kano, Enter Shikari, and ICE T, and growing a global fanbase along the way. It was a positive experience which has without doubt helped to shape Benji as an artist and a person, and inspire him to now find his own path with his own project.

Growing up in a low income, and, in his own words ‘an unconventional household’, in an area of Cardiff renowned for crime, it wasn’t the easiest of environments, but it was during these formative years that Benji threw himself into music and discovered that music was the only future he could see. ‘I’ve poured everything into this debut album. My upbringing, the good and the bad times, and hopefully people will connect. Feels a long time in the making, but I know the real journey is only just about to begin.’

Benji Wild’s debut album ‘Skull & Bones’ is released worldwide on Friday 3rd December 2021, available on all major platforms.


Eye is the new project from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s Jessica Ball with Cardiff musicians Gid Goundrey and Jonny Names. Electro goth doom.

Mr Phormula

Mr Phormula is a pioneering beat-boxer and live looping artist. With a career as diverse as the Welsh landscape within which he is rooted Mr Phormula’s inspired performances and vocal compositions have gained him international recognition as a leading beatboxer, rapper and producer.

The fluidity of Mr Phormula’s bilingualism is distinctive and this, along with slick rhythms, compelling bass lines and vocal dexterity, have earned him a broad and committed fanbase from across Cymru, the UK and the USA. Titles include being the current Welsh Looping champion and in 2013 he was the Vice UK Looping Champion.

Collaborations with hip hop greats including The Pharcyde, Jungle Brothers, Boy better Know, Plan B, Professor Green and legend Krs-One also highlight the quality and range of Mr Phormula’s music production talents which compliment the poetic nature of his bilingualism.

Mr Phormula has a reputation for being one of the hardest working artists on the UK hip-hop scene and has performed at a variety of venues, nightclubs and festivals (including one of the most iconic stages in the world – The Royal Albert Hall) as well as making numerous national TV and radio appearances.

This artist’s innovative new releases continue to grow the Welsh hip-hop scene at home while promoting this dynamic bilingual genre abroad.

Asha Jane

Introducing Cardiff’s multi-disciplinary artist, Asha Jane.

The Honest Poet

The Honest Poet (THP), South Wales based singer/songwriter, has unique soulful vocals which emanate raw emotion. Drawing his inspiration from his life, cultivating each story from an honest viewpoint. Poetry plays a significant role throughout the entirety of THP’s music. Infusing hip hop, spoken word and soul combining with open and honest lyrics.

“It’s definitely pop music, in the Hip-hop and RNB bracket for sure, but his perfect support slow would probably be an Ed Sheeran show.” Kaptin Barrett, Boomtown

‘Amazing mix of soulful vocals, poetic lyrics & a slick hip hop beat’
Abbie Mcarthy, BBC Introducing

Monique B

Monique B a young DJ, singer, songwriter, producer and rap artist born and bred in the city of Cardiff, has always been into music for as long as she can remember.

She has listened to an array of different sounds growing up with her Jamaican grandparents listening to Gospel music, Soul music, Reggae dancehall. Artists that influenced her sound are artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Chaka Khan , Frank Ocean, Burna Boy and Yebba to name a few.

Monique is known as one of the members of Welsh all female band Baby Queens, she has also recently released some solo singles last year.
Her Afrobeat / R&B infused singles “Revolving Doors” ft Reuel Elijah and “Hypnotise” ft B.Written have made it to many radio station’s playlists including BBC Radio.

Monique has more music on the way, stay tuned and catch her vibe

Campfire Social

Genre Blending, Indie-pop + collective; Campfire Social craft a dynamically rich sound with bright harmonies layered over hypnotic melodies that help to underline a continued theme of self deprecation with a feeling of hope. Their honest approach echoes a love of 90’s ‘heart-on-sleeve’ emo culture. At times sobering, a positive message prevails; we’re better together.

Luke RV

Luke RV. Alternative hip-hop star in the making from Neath, South Wales.

Shanii22 (Nova Scotia)

Shaheen Alasmar, better known as Shanii22, is an up and coming artist in both the Canadian and International music scenes. As a Syrian-Lebanese rapper raised in Kuwait, his multicultural background deeply influences his unique approach to music, which has turned heads both locally and internationally. The past 2 years have been about growth and experimentation for Shanii, allowing him to create a variety of different styles that have garnered a loyal following that have even compared him to ketchup due to his versatility. With over 200,000 streams across all platforms and releases such as Cartii22, JLSY, and You Is (ft. Just Chase), Shanii22 has begun shaping his place in the music industry and has no plans to slow down.

JayWood (MB, Canada)

‘When he was starting out, Jeremy Haywood-Smith — who records under the pseudonymous name JayWood — would post covers of songwriters he admired like Mac Demarco and Craft Spells to his SoundCloud. Now, the Winnipeg, Manitoba native stands alongside those artists on the Captured Tracks roster.’ KEXP

Anthony OKS (MB, Canada)

Complex Magazine: “Be it supposedly wintery Winnipeg, or tricked out rap video cars, MC Anthony OKS and singer Begonia are masters of subversion in their new clip for “Fortified Bond.” The rapper’s latest single from his recently released EP The Garden finds him and the heavenly voiced singer bandying lyrics over a beat as lush and breezy as the summery Winnipeg afternoon in which the music video is set, several key scenes of which find him cruising in a classy Oldsmobile 442 cutlass muscle car.”

Mace The Great

An exciting force of Grime and Hip-Hop, hailing from Cardiff, Wales. Having won a Triskel Award at the Welsh Music Prize 2020, and garnering the support of the likes of BBC 1Xtra, BBC Wales, ITV, S4C and the Focus Wales Festival & Conference; Mace The Great is now primed for a huge 2022. He continues to carry Cardiff on his shoulders with pride, and this evident love he holds for his city is reciprocated tenfold by his local community. Keeping humble and true to his roots, he is quickly building the foundations towards global success following on from the critically acclaimed EP ‘My Side Of The Bridge’ released March 2021 via the MTGM label. Since the release he has gone on to be nominated for a Welsh Music Prize 2021, been unveiled as Welsh
Ambassador for Independent Venue Week, attended the Mobo Awards as part of Class 22 and has been selected to be the first welsh MOBO artist to perform and showcase at SXSW 2022.


“Born out of lead songwriter Anouska’s un-desire to be a solo-act, Honeyglaze met officially at their first ever rehearsal, just three days ahead of what was to become a near-residency at their favoured ‘The Windmill’, Brixton.

Forming a mere eighteen-months ahead of a subsequent eighteen-months of mandatory solitude, Honeyglaze have since been making up for lost time, recently performing to a rammed crowd at Green Man festival, and at the iconic 100 Club for Fred Perry’s ‘All Our Tomorrow’s Festival’, with a busy schedule ahead inc. Live at Leeds, and SWN Festival.

Beckoning, becoming and utterly bewitching, their debut single ‘Burglar’ is the coming-of-age lovechild of Whitney’s ‘Forever Turned Around’, and the stylistically-subdued existentialism of Julia Jacklin, or Oregon’s Haley Heynderickx.

In their own words, they describe Honeyglaze as “the ungodly fusion of 3 humans into a clamouring superorganism. It eats only fish, and demands undistracted and constant worship. FFO Power Rangers, Salvador Dalí”.

Speedy Wunderground’s Pierre Hall says of the signing, “We’re so excited to announce Honeyglaze as our next proper signing to the label. We were blown away as soon as we heard their music, and then furthermore when we met them in person. It’s felt like such a natural partnership and they’ve created something really special. We can’t for the world to hear. Be prepared to fall in love.”

  • ‘One of the UK’s best festivals – showcase or otherwise’


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