1987- (1987tilpresent)

solo, acoustic, songwriter, folk
1987- (1987 til present), real name Neal Smith, is a solo artist from Llanelwy. Neal is excited to return for a third consecutive year of Focus Wales. After living in London, Manchester, New Zealand and now settled back in Denbighshire, he wrote his first CD ‘Letters To The Past’. Neal has had a break away from music to concentrate on other studies but armed with a guitar he is back with some new tunes to show off in the 10th anniversary year of the festival.
Going by the name 1987- (nineteen eighty seven til present) Neal Smith from Llanelwy will be playing his 3rd year at Focus Wales. Gaining minor success with his self recorded CD ‘Letters to the Past’ and has been playing various gigs around North Wales for some years now. He was featured twice on the Neil Crud radio show and will be hoping to show you some new tracks from upcoming EPs. Starting out as a drummer he has now firmly found his feet with his alternative-folk-rock style of his songs about living in North Wales from 1987 til present.
October 9, 2021 5:00 pm Saturday @ Old No.7 Bar
  • ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’


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