Zachary Glavan (Kultur | lx, Arts Council Luxembourg)

Zachary Glavan is the Pop/Rock/Hip-Hop project manager at Kultur | lx, Arts Council Luxembourg. Launched in 2021, Kultur lx was established as a new tool for the support, promotion and development of the Luxembourgish cultural scene and created as a means of further synergising the various cultural actors nationally and abroad.

A classically trained musician, Zach got his start in the industry playing french horn professionally with ensembles around the world, from Hong Kong, to South Korea, Spain, and the USA. Before moving to Luxembourg in 2019, he worked in New York as a North American radio plugger for over seven years, promoting acts like Major Lazer, Flume, James Blake, Arctic Monkeys and Nick Cave.

Catch Luxembourgish band, TUYS, Saturday May 7th – 7:30 pm @ Penny Black Room 2.

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