Wrexham One Love Choir

Wrexham One Love Choir was formed in November 2018 under the leadership of musical director James Sills, and is affiliated to the Choir With No Name network across the UK. Run under the umbrella of Adferiad, a charity that supports recovery across all of North Wales, the choir is based in Wrexham, and is open to anyone who has been affected by homelessness, addiction, mental illness, or who is marginalised or vulnerable in any way. During lockdown the choir was able to perform out in the open air a few times, but the loss of community and purpose was felt very keenly when the choir was unable to meet regularly. Now they are singing together again every week, learning new songs and welcoming new members. The choir is a positive community that supports all its members, building confidence and rising up to meet new challenges.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 4:05 pmSat @ St Giles
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