Wedance (South Korea)

Wedance. It’s a statement and a warning. The duo spends a great majority of their time on stage living up to the name wearing outfits that might be described, with the greatest amount of love possible, as retirement-community-inspired. Wedance, is a singularly difficult band to describe.

With songs about everyday life, a penchant for banging on a single cymbal in between dance breaks, dissonant vocals and dissonant guitars it’s hard to talk about this band without any musically-seasoned listener narrowing their eyes sceptically and possibly thinking they don’’t know well. But these features come together to form a glorious confluence of a-tonal, spasmodic pop bliss that can feel at once anthemic and, of course, make you move in whatever weirdo way these unique compositions compel you.

There’s not enough proudly odd stuff in this world, and so a Wedance set seems to speak to that feeling and acts then as a challenge and invitation; Wedance, do you?

Friday May 5th, 2023 4:00 pmFri @ Glyndwr TV
Saturday May 6th, 2023 7:30 pmSat @ The Rockin' Chair Room 1
  • ‘One of the UK’s best festivals’


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