Unity grew up in Mid Wales on a diet of guitar bands, discovering funk and HipHop via the Beastie Boys. Influenced by Taskforce and Kae Tempest, Unity delivers poetic lyrics over HipHop beats.

A DJ, Bgirl and Graffiti Writer, Unity began her lyrical journey via spoken word, winning Swansea’s poetry slam (2018) with her poetic delivery of real-life stories. She went on to support Hollie McNish, Verb T, Kae Tempest and Blak Twang, feature in a BBC Sesh lyrics video and as guest MC for Hiphop-Jazz fusion band Dirty Alex.

Unity’s debut EP ‘Progress is a Process’ (2020) speaks about loss of coal-mining communities, mental health, domestic abuse and addiction. ‘Garden of my Soul’, (2021) is a dedication to love and grief. ‘Diving Deeper’, her debut album and first release through Bard Picasso (Nov 2021) flows with themes of water, the earth, and our innermost journeys as we respond to nature’s cycles.

Through her lyrics, onstage, and with her community work, Unity aims to empower other artists. Recognised for her understanding of Hiphop culture and its application in community settings, Unity is a founding member of Ladies of Rage, and has written a chapter for a global Hiphopography book (2022).

PHOTO CREDIT: Suhmayah Banda

Saturday May 7th, 2022 4:00 pmSat @ Old No.7
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