The Letrasets

The Letrasets are a 4 piece group that formed in the practice space of their university halls. Meeting in Liverpool encouraged them to enjoy the city’s many live shows, from the local scene to artists further afield. This led to them spending most of their time hanging out to make music inspired by the Shoegaze and New Romantic bands of the mid-80s to early 90s. They bring soaring guitars and vocals with heavy drums that, when combined with more traditional pop structures and tight rhythmic patterns, create their own take of the Alt. rock genre. Before the pandemic, they played successfully around Liverpool’s top venues including the O2 Academy and a handful of smaller stages like the recently retired Sound Basement; where they supported bands such as Sorry and played their own sold out headline show.

Soon after this the first lockdown began, and without a way to play together, the band decided to record the best of the tracks they’d written so far and compile them into their debut EP Tiger Sports Grandma. The EP delves into themes of isolation, mental health, mistrust in relationships and anxiety; although the band emphasises the importance of the listener making their own interpretation from the songs and thus leaving the lyrics and meanings more open. The band have put out limited edition vinyl pressings as well as a self-made DIY music video alongside the EP’s release.

After having space from recording the EP and the rest of their discography, the band decided to write new material focussing on their live sound and experimenting more with distortions and overdrives. This led to a visceral headline at Arts Club Loft and a packed out show in the same venue for their first festival slot at Sound City. Since then the band have supported early 2000’s Shoegazers Sennen at Future Yard and continue working on their music, creating new sounds and blending genres. The band plan to play more local shows, record, write and also play their first tour over the coming months.

‘Tiger sports grandma’ is the band ‘s debut EP; recorded in 3 days at Parr St studios over the summer of 2020 and is produced and mixed by Alex Quinn (seatbelts, spinn). The EP’s title, tiger sports grandma, is taken from a jumper bought in a charity shop and inspired their DIY lifestyle and aesthetic.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 4:00 pmSat @ The Parish
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