Tara Bandito

Tara started performing at 5 years old. The daughter of the legendary wrestler El Bandito, she descended into the world that we call entertainment, without the opportunity to wonder exactly why performing was such an integral part of her personality. She didn’t ask herself that profound question until 2009 after the loss of her father, her hero and inspiration, which led her on a journey, symbolic and literal, to discover herself.

In a period of her life where she traveled the world alone, Tara headed east finding her spiritual music home in India during a month-long yoga teacher training programme. On her return home, performing continued to be a big part of her life, as she joined the incredible ‘Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon’ as a singer, and though she realised in doing so that performing was a vital way of expressing herself, it took one extra twist of fate before Tara realised that writing her own music was the way to truly understand herself.

Tara became a new artist on Recordiau Côsh Records in December 2021, working with the producer Rich James Roberts, to record three singles. Her first single, ‘Blerr’, was released on 14 January 2022, with a supporting music video produced by Lŵp, directed by Tara. The single received wide attention after having a first play on Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio Cymru show, after which Tara made it on to Adam Walton’s Radio Wales ‘Welsh A-List’. It also received wide social media support, and was covered by Welsh medium press with features in Golwg, Y Selar, and on Heno, S4C.

Tara is one of the artists on the Horizon’s Launchpad 2022, which will support the production of two music videos for Tara bandito’s two upcoming singles – ‘Rhyl’ and ‘Drama Queen’. Tara’s second single, ‘Rhyl’, will be released on 18 February 2022, with the third single ‘Drama Queen’ following in March 2022. Tara plans on releasing her first album later in 2022.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 5:40 pmSat @ Llwyn Isaf
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