Sunhill (Sweden)

Taking their name from a cheap wine brand, SUNHILL have never taken themselves too seriously. Starting out in the small town of Borgholm, Öland, the 4-piece consisting of Simon, Jack, Oscar and Henric developed a simple and straight to the core sound with influences from punk bands like FIDLAR and Metz. Soon after releasing their first EP “What a Drag” they felt like the music scene in Borgholm didn’t give them as much as they wanted, so they moved to Gothenburg to expand their name. Playing various underground clubs in the city, they gained a reputation for their chaotic live performances while continuing releasing more EP’s and singles. In the autumn of 2020, SUNHILL signed with BlackValley Records. Through them, they released their EP ’’Spot in the Shade’’ in January 2021. This time having a more focused sound on the melodies, but still keeping the dirt and distortion from previous releases. With no tour or live gigs in the winter of 2020-2021, except for participating in the digital editions of both Festival Marvin and The Great Escape Festival, the main focus was to write and record new material. This resulted in the new, highly acclaimed 5-track EP ’’Golden Days’’ which, along the music video for title track, was released by the end of 2021.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 9:00 pmSat @ Central Room 2
  • ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’


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