Sarah Wall (PPL)


Sarah is Senior Events and Marketing Manager at PPL (the UK’s music licensing company for over 130,000 performers and recording rightsholders), playing a pivotal role in educating and ensuring support for musicians and labels via music industry events, outreach, conferences and showcases; from The Great Escape to The Ultimate Seminar and SXSW (as a partner of the British Music Embassy). Another aspect of her role is proudly working with PRS Foundation via the PPL Momentum Fund, the Talent Development Partner network, and the International Showcase Fund. PRS Foundation is the UK’s leading charitable funder of new music and talent development across all genres.

Prior to this, Sarah spent 10 years building artists’ careers as an artist manager at a frontline international management company (based in London and New York), as well as wearing the hats of A&R, tour manager, label manager and occasional graphic designer (before moving into music, Sarah started out designing and illustrating books and record sleeves). Sarah has worked with indie bands, super DJs, A-list pop and everything in between; developing artists from bedroom demos to radio playlists and stadium tours.

  • Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

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