Richard Samuel (Beacons / Mondaay Media / Rodeo Town)

Richard Samuel is a freelance Marketing specialist currently working for Beacons and on his own PR company Mondaay Media. He also co-runs Rodeo Town, a country music night in Wales.

Beacons is a pan-Wales organisation aiming to empower the next generation of young people (aged 16-25) aspiring to work in the Welsh music industry. Our vision is to provide all young people across Wales with access to the industry knowledge, opportunities, networks and skills necessary to carve sustainable careers and new business models in the Welsh music industry.

Mondaay Media is a Music & Event Marketing & PR hub with coverage achieved on, Absolute Country, Countryline TV, BBC Radio Wales, Wales Online and 100s of independent blogs, websites and playlists.

Rodeo Town is a country music night set up by Eleri Angharad and Richard Samuel that aims to showcase the best Country talent that Wales has to offer and bring the finest country music artists to Wales. We want to create a night that is a celebration of modern country music and is hosted by one of us; bringing in fans closer to the music.

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