Ralf Niemczyk (Rolling Stone (Germany))

Ralf Niemczyk is one of the experienced popmusic- and popculture-author in the German speaking countries. From a young fanzine publisher in the heydays of Punk he joined the founding members of SPEX magazine in Cologne, during the eighties the most important “monthly” in the progressive pop-genre. For the Music-TV-format “Lost in Music” (ZDF/3 sat) the production team won the prestigous Grimme Award in the nineties.

Two books about German HipHop und “DJ Culture”. Today he works in Berlin for ROLLING STONE (Germany) and Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly (FAQ), a book-like mag similar to Tyler Brule´s “Monocle”. In the podcast „UpHören mit Mieze“ he reviews the latest audio books together with Mieze, the singer of German Popband M.I.A. Works with various Pop-related print/digital-projects.

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