Pascale Miracle (Voulez Vous Danser, France)

Voulez-vous Danser is this movement you feel inside and can’t explain when you’re listening to music.
The furious souvenir of noisy and smoky rooms where you knew, for a moment, that everything was possible.
The raging spleen, the needs for something else, a voice going off the track, the impatience to proclaim our desire.
Voulez-vous danser is a strong, clear and distinct point of view on music and the world.
This attitude is a guideline for our work with artists, managers, venues and all our partners.
Always on the lookout for what is new and audacious, we are involved in a permanent discussion with all the members of the project team to define the best strategy; the one that will assert all the colours of the artistic line to the public and professionals.

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