Ogun is a musician, creative director, poet and activist from Newport, Wales who is currently based in Cardiff. He began his foray into music alongside his best friend and creative collaborator and producer Goom under the moniker ‘AFTERPARTY’. Their first EP, ‘Would You Call This Art?’ was released in 2016 and was described as being reminiscent of Outkast, Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest. The group disbanded shortly after although Ogun and remain close friends and close collaborators. Embarking on a new journey in a new city, Ogun found himself keen to establish his musical voice and began working on his debut solo EP. ‘In My Own Skin’ was released in 2018 and marked Ogun’s message to the world through his music. Not one to stay in one place for too long, Ogun moved to Berlin for a year to study and this is when the concept for his latest release, ‘Flight Mode’, was born. After a life of being in liminal spaces; Nigeria, Italy, Wales & Berlin, Ogun captured these experiences with his latest release. Although music is, in his own words, his ‘first love’, Ogun continues to epitomise the modern artist; one who is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. Due to the breadth of his creative expertise, he is able to create and navigate his own universe in which music, poetry, fashion and other creative mediums co-exist harmoniously and to the highest calibre. Ogun lies somewhere in between Militèrian and Zen and his music reflects this dichotomy.

Saturday May 6th, 2023 9:00 pmSat @ Ty Pawb Flexible Space
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