Nuria Graham (Catalonia)

The half-Catalan, half-Irish composer Núria Graham published her debut album “First Tracks” in 2015 with only 16 years. In just over two years, she released “Bird Eyes” + “In The Cave” (EP) and almost next her second feature “Does It Ring a Bell?” (2017), an album that positioned her on the national scene as an essential artist to understand homemade folk-pop. But during these last two years Núria has had no rest. After a tour that took her to the stages of the most relevant festivals and venues in the country with incursions into Portugal, Berlin, France and London; and after having won a place as a composer and guitarist for Amaia’s band, Núria Graham finally has new material. Something we were all waiting for.

Thursday May 4th, 2023 8:30 pmThu @ Ty Pawb Performance Space
  • ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’


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