Introducing Cardiff’s Nookee. A Big ‘Ole Soup – Driven by layered blood harmonies woven into old-school sunny-side up rhythm and blues. A big experimental soup, all glazed with punchy aesthetics to quench the hunger of your eyes and your ears. A special unity of diverse characters breathes out of NOOKEE’s performances and collaborative writing.

Beginning their journey with a trip to Ireland in the summer of ’21, this inseparable family of friends set sail and haven’t looked back twice. This is where they uncovered a profound musical bond, nurtured through heartfelt writing sessions inspired by the emerald isle.

After a colourless isolation, this trip was the catalyst for NOOKEE’s vibrant energy to blossom.

Led by identical twin sisters, born into a world of life long musicians and artists. They’re supported by a formidable, virtuosic rhythm section offering tastefully served musical flavours to stir together as they please.

These ingredients combine to create a mouth watering experience for any person, from any walk of life.

Wednesday May 3rd, 2023 11:15 pmWed @ The Parish (Delegates Only)
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