Nita (Balearics)

NITA are an indie group from Mallorca. Their first release, Santa Paciencia (Bubota Música, 2022), has been cooked over a slow fire and in various locations. In my opinion, the album stands out because it mixes different ways of doing —home recordings with professionals, whispered confessions with noisy raids— and, ultimately, because it faithfully represents the musical concerns of Natalia, who is its main composer.

The result of this work is a varied but coherent album with masterful sequencing. Another noteworthy point is the texts. Most songs seem to talk about how life takes us, how time passes and we can’t do much, how complicated interpersonal relationships are, the fear of losing loved ones, freedom and innocence. I would highlight two verses from Nina petita, which I think illustrate these ideas well: “I don’t like it when you get dirty in vain”, but “sometimes I like you, when you get dirty with desire”.

Anyway, I can say little more about the album. I am very proud to see how people around me make music for the sheer pleasure of making it, with an open mind, with a militant conscience —everything do it yourself and such— and with such a powerful artistic discourse. I hope that this is the first link in a fruitful and joyful project.

Thursday May 4th, 2023 10:10 pmThu @ The Parish
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