Morgan Elwy a’r Band

Hailing from the rainy hills of Hiraethog, Clwyd, Morgan Elwy creates Welsh language reggae rock music, rooted in peace and positivity. Having first caught the attention of the Welsh language audience of Can i Gymru, 2021 with his uplifting track, ‘Bach O Hwne,’ Morgan has since released his debut album ‘Teimlo’r Awen,’ a mixture of folk/rock and reggae, was named best new artist by Gwobrau Selar 2021 and continues to record, release and perform reggae bangers. The tightly knit North Walian 5-piece band is fronted by Morgan, and includes his siblings Jacob and Mali alongside drummer and bassist, Jack and Gruff, bringing wholesome harmonies, a punky reggae vibe and a joyful yet ambient set to the stage.

Thursday May 4th, 2023 7:50 pmThu @ HWB Cymraeg
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