Los Blancos

Los Blancos are the embodiment of the quiet confidence that underpins the Alt/Pop scene growing rapidly in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. There is no compromise to Los Blancos’s sound, they are unashamedly creatively open, with songs bursting with the drunken passion and abandonment of The Replacements and Mac Demaco’s playful joy – the joy of creating within the four walls of the rehearsal space! Los Blancos are a band bonded in friendship, Gwyn, Dewi, Emyr and Osian have known each other since school days. The band is an extension of that friendship where musical and lyrical honesty are paramount, as perfectly showcased on Los Blancos dark,yet immediate debut single ‘Mae’n Anodd Deffro Un’. Kris Jenkins aka Sir Doufus Styles (SFA, Gruff Rhys, Cate La Bon, H Hawkline, Gulp) has been working with Los Blancos at his Cardiff, Signal Box, recording studio over the last few months. This is a perfect pairing of artist and producer whose joint sonic boundaries are still a mystery to be explored.

“Los Blancos are the band of which we would all like to be members, a classic line up of two guitars, vocals, bass and drums and a gift for turning the melancholic and insular into the universal. They are beat up converse, rusty strings, cheap beer and heartfelt lyrics written on the back of half empty cigarette packets. With a record collection in love with the left field American alternative scene of the early 90s Pavement, Brian Johnstown Massacre and the emotional punch that is Gwyn Rosser’s voice this is a band re-defining Welsh pop music as one raw, immediate and relevant, a balm to a breaking world” – Libertino

Friday May 6th, 2022 10:15 pmFri @ Central Room 1
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