Léo Tran (Azimuth Productions, France)

Booking agent for 10 years with Azimuth Productions.

Azimuth Prod is representing artists from around the world either in France or in Europe or worldwide.

Based in Paris, the company exists for more than 30 years and has promoted artists like Cesaria Evora, Tony Allen, Raul Paz, Louis Bertignac, les Innocents, Les Têtes Raides, Kery James, Yodelice, Les Cowboys Fringants, Buika, Khaled, Ska-P… and is currently promoting Calypso Rose, Bombino, Star Feminine Band, CharlElie Couture, La Maison Tellier, Bracco, Vox Low, Lambchop, Tiny Ruins, Rayland Baxter, Sir Was, The Nits, My Ugly Clementine, Fred Pellerin, Blanche Gardin, Santrofi… and many more.

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