Lava Fizz (Balearics)

LAVA FIZZ is emotion, is nostalgia and is power, it is elegance and it is melancholy. Indie-Dream-Pop that looks across the pond without complexes (Broken Social Scene, Beach Fossils, David Bazan, DIIV). Coherence without absurdity and truth without dissimulation.

Their first EP “Spark of Hope” (2016) was named No1 of the Top Balearic by Notodoesindie magazine. In 2018 they presented their debut LP “The hardest thing” (Musiteca), with more than 1M plays on Spotify and named “One of the best debut albums of the year”, according to the international magazine Debuts of note.

An album packed with dreamy keyboards and guitars, full of deep-honesty lyrics, a constant in the band. They toured around the UK, New York and Spain, in important music festivals such as The New Colossus, Vida Festival, Mallorca Live or Polifonik Sound.

“Youth is dead” video clip has been awarded as “Best music video” in Ibiza Festival Ibicine, Soundlook Music Video Fest (Italy), Cine Muskoka (Canada) and has been a nominated in many European and American festivals, alongside bands like Radiohead. Their new album will be released in February 2022 by BMG, it’s been recorded at Estuis Favela (Palma, Mallorca) and produced by Michael Mesquida (Zulú Zulú).

Thursday May 5th, 2022 9:50 pmThu @ The Parish
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