Laikka (Austria)

When a new band is already surrounded by a certain hype, even before they have released their debut album, you know that something special is going on. Magical, mysterious and fascinating are just some of the terms that come up when talking about Laikka.

A duo that puts equal emphasis on both visual aesthetics and music, pushing into the international spotlight with an exciting mix of experimental soundscapes, dreamy vocals and electronic beats. Rather loosely and coincidentally, the band’s name is reminiscent of the first living creature to make space history – and yet it’s also somewhat programmatic.

Founded at the beginning of 2020, Laikka deal with the big issues of our time, both musically and in terms of content, right from the start. A deep, melancholic look inside, strong emotions, the feeling of loneliness, diffuse fears, or even boredom in the digital age are often juxtaposed with their own big dreams. The overall appearance of the band is influenced by a digital aesthetic – with preference Laikka also blur the boundaries between music and art world with their visual works.

After the internationally acclaimed singles “The Answer” and “Dissolving”, Laikka presented a great and true electronic pop gem with their album debut “Morning Glow” in October 2021. As with Laikka’s previous works, the album’s content is about breaking out of rigid, pre-fixed structures and diving into one’s own vulnerability. Compelling and fascinating how the duo thereby mixes dreamy pop, experimental electronics and dark techno into a unity.

“Morning Glow is for us a gentle rebellion against rigid categories, a commitment to the liberation of the true self. It’s about nothing less than the freedom to give yourself as you want to be, to stand by positive as well as negative emotions in equal measure, and to accept your own vulnerability as strength – without fear of thereby failing to live up to social norms. Feelings are placed above logic and rationality – all these emotions, melancholy and longing, ambivalence, but also the desire for fulfillment are infused in our

The release of their powerful audiovisual artwork “Grey Edge (Unfolded Version)” will follow in early 2022, and a limited edition vinyl version of their debut album “Morning Glow” will be available from March.

Thursday May 5th, 2022 7:30 pmThu @ Ty Pawb Performance Space
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