Klaudia Zawadka (High Grade Events Limited)

Co-owner of High Grade Grooves and Sizzling Hot Events.
Tour Manager and Social Media for Endaf and Nosda.

My passion for music and live events first started back in 2014 when alongside completing my degree in Accounting and Finance at Bangor University I joined local nightclubs street crew. My role quickly evolved from handing out flyers to organising, planning and managing the ongoing weekly events. After completing my masters in 2018 I became very actively involved with High Grade Events helping Endaf with financials, planning and management of new as well as ongoing projects.
We now split the workload 50/50 across our record label branch, event organising, residency hosting, youth projects and tutoring, where Endaf is responsible for creative side of things while I take care of all supporting aspects.

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