Jeroen van den Bogert (BLiP Agency, The Netherlands)

Jeroen van den Bogert – BLiP Agency

Jeroen van den Bogert started his career in music as an independent promoter, working for various venues in the Netherlands. After running a small boutique agency between 2006 and 2015 he and Ronald Keizer joined forces and started BLiP Agency, an Amsterdam based booking & management agency for left-field danceable live music ranging from tropicalia, live electronica/electro, disco, jazz, psychedlics and more.
BLiP is always on the look out for new edgy artist with original ideas and interesting live performances.
Jeroen is currently working as worldwide agent for artist like Altin Gün, YĪN YĪN, DMX Krew, Dollkraut, Islandman, Tootard and DMX Krew.

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