Isa Leen (Portugal)

Rita Sampaio is a 26-year-old musician, composer, producer, and songwriter based in Braga (Portugal), signed by Cosmic Burger under the name Isa Leen. Her career started in 2012 when she joined GrandFather’s, founded by her brother and fellow musician. In the following years, the band came to release two LP’s and one EP, three European Tours, stepping on international stages in the likes of Waves Vienna and Sziget Festival in Hungary.

In 2019, Rita gave form to IVY, her debut solo project. In this new skin, she released one album and one EP, with which she toured around the country until the pandemic came around and interrupted live shows. During this quieter and uncertain period, Isa Leen crafted her mind, body, and soul. She is born from the urge of exploring new sounds, colors, and landscapes, on a path towards a sound that defies categorization because of how complex it is for her. One that is layered and imbued with the diverse influences that have shaped her artistic vision over time.

It is in this new endeavor that the artist truly sees herself shift. Isa Leen is no longer about healing, sorrow, heartbreak, or something like an autobiography in the shape of a record or song. She’s restless, political, and complex, without abandoning the inherent
simplicity and triviality the world presents us with. She is also after the feeling of emancipation and autonomy since the first tracks that have been released are composed and produced by the artist herself, with the French producer and musician Sébastien Forrester participating in the co-production of the tracks.

The artist released two tracks: What Do You See?, the debut single of the project, and água-mãe, which was released with a music video directed by Ângela Bismarck. Both the song and the video explore themes of motherhood, roots and sense of belonging.

Thursday May 4th, 2023 3:15 pmThu @ Hope Street Church
  • Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

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