Iolanda Banu Viegas (CLPW CIC )

Iolanda Banu Viegas, 49 years old, Portuguese, lives in Wrexham, Wales, UK since 2001.
Iolanda has overcome the challenge of settling in a foreign country and managing a second language. She is dedicated to providing assistance not only to the Portuguese language community in her now home town of Wrexham but to other language and ethnic minority communities in and around the area. The result of this in Wrexham particularly is the acceptance of the Portuguese community into Wrexham’s communities and their positive and inspiring integration. She was the chairperson of CLPW (Comunidade de Lingua Portuguesa de Wrexham) from 2013 to 2016, she is Director of CLPW CIC since 2016 and she’s the 3rd sector partnership council representative for North Wales in RCC (Race Council Cymru) since 2015. She’s also councillor for the Portuguese Communities in the UK and Ireland. She worked for The National Theatre Wales TEAM, Caseworker for Citizens Advice Flintshire and at the moment the
North East Wales Multicultural HUB Coordinator

  • Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

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