Holy Nothing (Portugal)

Holy Nothing is a transatlantic band. An electronic trio, based in Porto, that joins Pedro Rodrigues (vocals), Nelson Silva (keys) and the Brazilian musician Angelo B (vocals and bass) to create a unique mixture of electronic dance music with south-American warm rhythms. From Portugal to Brazil, this collective create unpredictable dialogues between vintage synthesizers and Bahian guitars, groovy drum machines and pandeiros. This combination creates enigmatic and energetic live shows, with unusual fusions between dense environments and tropical vibes.

These shows led them to play in several of the biggest Portuguese venues and some of the most recognized showcase festivals worldwide such as Iceland Airwaves, Eurosonic Noorderslag (Netherlands), Waves Vienna (Austria) or SXSW (USA).

After the release of their first EP (Boundaries, 2014), and their acclaimed debut LP (Hypertext, 2015), Holy Nothing’s latest album – Plural Real Animal (2020) – is a tribute to plurality and cultural globality. This album was built by a lot of people, old and new friends, with very diverse backgrounds. The act of multiplying references is the fundamental characteristic of “Plural Real Animal” where Holy Nothing proudly assume the differences between each one of the collaborators involved – BaianaSystem (BR), Barbatuques (BR), Moullinex (PT) or Rui Maia (PT).

Thursday May 4th, 2023 2:30 pmFri @ Hope Street Church
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