Derby based Goddesses second album, Alectrona (set for release in May 2022) comes from a band that has existed for a while, but are essentially new and with music that has been ready for years but is only ready for release now! Confused? You won’t be when the opening chimes of lead single ‘Armageddon’ start the album. The scope and beauty show the wait was right – now is Goddesses’ time.

A group of friends (Jay Dean (guitar, vocals), drummer Greg Rawson and bassist Paul Beal) joined forces to explore their love of shoegaze, post-rock and psychedelia without expectations or constraints, building on years in cult underground bands like Cato, Fixit Kid, You Judas, In Flight Program, Crash of Rhinos and Nightflowers. The result was 2017’s self-titled dream pop wonder, Goddesses an album full of innate promise. This brief period saw them gain positive press and being chosen as support for Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo.

With experimental guitarist Nick Jonah Davies (Escapologists, solo) joining the fold in 2018, the picture of Goddesses changed into something else – a darker world of rich textures and added sonic depth, capturing a sound in between the gaps of Radiohead, Slowdive, Can and Talk Talk.

Yes, this music will draw Radiohead comparisons but bubbling in the mix is shoegaze swirls, motorik rhythms, post rock waves of noise and pop sensibilities, not least in the album’s vocal harmonies.

Live the band perfectly render this sonic tsunami that washes over everything in it path, powerless not to go along for the ride. As Goddesses rediscover themselves, now is the perfect time to discover them as they continue to evolve.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 4:50 pmSat @ The Parish
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