Hailing from Abergele North Wales, Gintis began life after a conversation between founding members Carl and Dave about their love of Grandaddy, Pavement and Gorky’s Zycotic Mynci. The pair quickly assembled Gintis with some friends from school and other local musicians they met along the way. As the lineup changed the band began to perform at venues across North Wales and started to build on their following across the likes of Rhyl, Wrexham and Liverpool.

Since forming almost 20 years ago, Gintis have now expanded to an eight piece with two albums under their belt and a third album due out later on in 2022. Although the band have developed musically over the years, Gintis have stayed true to their roots and the influences of Pavement, Gorky’s, SFA and Grandaddy can be heard throughout their live set and later recordings.

“Hope is all we have” (the as yet unreleased third album) was recorded and produced by Bill Ryder-Jones following on from sessions the band had with him to record their 2017 Popty Ping double A-Side “Dennis/ Oh My Little Malcontent”.

“We’re very lucky to have been asked to perform at many of the Focus Wales festivals over the years. This has allowed us to make loads of mates in Wrexham who really do make our Focus Wales shows extra special for everyone involved”. Kyle, Gintis

After their 2017 Greenman Festival Appearance which saw Gintis play to a packed out Green Man Rising Stage, Green Man festival described Gintis as:

“Gintis are masters of being touchingly nostalgic, yet never cloying. Melodic, country-influenced brass-tinged melanchodelia, sprinkled with scientific rationalism and existential doubt, all wrapped up in breezy, understated three-minute ditties.”

Saturday May 7th, 2022 4:50 pmSat @ Llwyn Isaf
  • Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

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