Georgia Harmer (ON, Canada)

Georgia Harmer is an artist with an unforgettable voice. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Harmer has been making music since childhood, writing and recording her songs singe age 10 and touring the world as a backing vocalist while still a teenager. Across her debut album, Stay in Touch, Harmer captures ineffable moments with expressive detail: the euphoric memory of a summer’s day so perfect you want to live inside it forever, the dusty heat of a Texas afternoon, a tingle of melancholy on a solo walk home after a party. With a wisdom and poise that belies her youthful age, Harmer has penned an emotionally resonant collection of songs that articulate the ways in which even the most fleeting experiences can forge bonds between strangers, create families out of friends, and one by one form the joys and sorrows that make up a life.

Saturday May 6th, 2023 6:45 pmSat @ The Fat Boar
Saturday May 6th, 2023 7:50 pmSat @ The Royal Oak
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