Francisco Quintas (Cosmic Burger, Portugal)

Francisco Quintas is the founder of Cosmic Burger, a creative collective and non-profit organization based in Braga, and he is responsible for its management. He is also an artist manager at the American agency 2+2 Management and a creative director at NONCO Media. He graduated in International Relations in 2012 and completed a Master’s in Business Management in 2018. His professional career is primarily focused on the cultural sector. In 2013, he started his professional career at the cultural space gnration in Braga, where he worked until 2020. He founded Cosmic Burger in 2015, which is continuously active in artist empowerment, career management, music releases, and event organization, such as the FENDA Festival, which has already had two editions. Currently, he works with artists such as Cálculo, Frank Lucas, HOLLY, Isa Leen, Maison Vert, São Miguel, Sónia Trópicos, and St. James Park.

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