Eva McBel (Spain)

The Spanish Wave presents… Eva McBel. One of the most exciting emerging new artists in Spain.

Eva McBel is an independent artist from Zaragoza, currently based in Madrid. “Some Kind Of Portrait” (2020), her first studio
release, shows the identity of this young artist perfectly. Its five songs are bound by the honesty and the texture of her voice.

Along with BMG (publisher) and Altafonte (digital & physical distributor), she is working in the new steps of the project, being that the release of her first long play with special focus on the international market – given the good inputs her music is having outside of Spain too. The legendary Australian TV Show “Neighbours” fell in love with her so much that 3 of the 5 songs
of the EP have been synchronized in the last season several times: “The Top”, “Blurry Love” and “Two Truths And A Lie”.
Furthermore, “The Top” was featured in “Élite” (season 4), bringing her music to new audiences in one of the most international Spanish Netflix shows and, the very same song will be heard soon in another big Netflix success, this time from Italy.