DIVES (Austria)

DIVES can be called one of Vienna’s most successful indie pop bands without false modesty. Since their formation in 2016, Dora de Goederen (drums), Viktoria Kirner (vocals, bass) and Tamara Leichtfried (vocals, guitar) have meanwhile played more than 150 concerts in over ten countries. With the album “Wanna Take You There”, the band presented their second longplayer in November 2022 in front of a sold-out Wuk in Vienna. DIVES have taken on a new pop guise for it: Their indie sound seems even catchier and is still characterised by polyphonic vocal harmonies, lyrically the band is more personal than usual and yet a large part of their refined and pointed lyrics can be read as a direct declaration of war against social discrepancies.

DIVES on “Walking The Dog

We wrote the song with a twinkle in our eyes, even the joking working title “Walking The Dog” (instead of “Walk in the Dark” – two sentences that sound completely the same in our „Austrian” English 😉 was allowed to stay. It’s the number 1 track for procrastinating, it’s about good intentions and plans that you might not realise in the end: Get out in the fresh air more in the future, get a dog or maybe a relay egg – it’s never too late to try new things… And sometimes it doesn’t matter if you don’t do them. After all, who isn’t tired of the self-optimisation lectures from some Youtube/Instagram influencers: “You know, in one ear – and out the other“?

Friday May 5th, 2023 9:00 pmFri @ The Fat Boar
Saturday May 6th, 2023 5:55 pmSat @ The Parish
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