Declan Swans

Self-declared Wrexham community comedy indie group, Declan Swans are that and much more. This is a group with deep connections to Wrexham town and the rich football culture that exists here. With Wrexham AFC’s new Hollywood celebrity owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bringing a big new attention and fame to the town and region, the Declan Swans, with their close ties to the football club and its fanbase, are developing a new global audience for their music, already amassing over a million streams in the last 6 months, and their profile is set to explode with the soon to be released first season of the Disney+ documentary which will follow the club’s journey, with Declan Swan’s and their material featuring throughout.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 11:40 pmSat @ The Parish
  • ‘One of the UK’s best festivals – showcase or otherwise’


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