CRAWLERS have at long last released the entirety of their debut EP, and the final track to tie it all together is an incomparable triumph. ‘Come Over (Again)’ single handedly stands as a testament to the immense musical capabilities of one of the hottest bands in Liverpool at the moment. Taking a turn from their usual abrasive sound, ‘Come Over (Again)’ takes the band down a brighter path, yet still remains true to their attitude of angst and vexation. Commenting on the track, the band states that “Come Over (Again) is a song we’re all incredibly proud of. The whole writing process in the studio lifted the song from a small and gentle acoustic number, to an enormously abrasive and emotional coup. We’ve never done anything like it before and shown us what we’re really capable of as musicians.”

Produced by Pete Robertson and mixed by Tom Roach at Coastal Studios, ‘Come Over (Again)’ puts CRAWLERS into a whole new perspective of musicianship. The entirety of their debut EP truly demonstrates what this quartet are capable of; they’re brash but mellow, they’re harsh but sweet.

Saturday May 7th, 2022 10:30 pmSat @ Central Room 1
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