Blue City CDF

Blue City CDF are a tag team of MCs from Cardiff the capital city of Wales. Home to a well varied history that runs deep into the Hip Hop scene. And if you follow this history, it’s easy to see where the duo of Jay-Rede and Formal Brown acquired their love for lyricism and all things hip hop.

Coming together in 2019 to form Blue City CDF and releasing their debut EP ‘Out of the Blue’ in September 2020, the duo gained local praise in and around the Cardiff scene. Blue City CDF’s debut album ‘Into the Void’ dropped in April 2021 and the praise drifted further afield into certain parts of England, even gaining the praise of UK HipHop legend ‘Blade’ among many other influential faces within the scene.
Having been nominated for ‘Artist of the Year’ for 2021 by Larynx Entertainment, the duo are looking even bigger for 2022. Working with High Focus Records producer Pitch 92 on a 4 track EP, along with an abundance of talented artists, Blue City CDF show no signs of slowing their already rapidly moving work rate anytime soon.

With that being said, the addition of their second studio album ‘Anamnesis’ produced solely by Risk1 (fellow Bard Picasso producer) set to drop in 2022, Blue City are looking to build on the momentum gained since their debut single ‘City Blues’ dropped, with more heads turning to their direction to see what all the fuss is about!

Friday May 6th, 2022 8:20 pmFri @ Penny Black Room 2
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