Bernardo Queirós (WHY Portugal (Portuguese Music Export Office))

Specialised in Music Marketing, PR, and Communications, Bernardo has been wearing different hats all over the years – from live events to SaaS. Having been born from the DIY punk scene, it isn’t inaccurate to say he’s a complete doer. He’s based in London, where he started his journey by studying Music Management and having worked in several roles within advertising. Currently, he works as a freelancer and consultant for a range of music organisations, after coming from the music tech space out of Helsinki’s tech ecosystem. Also, he’s part of the director’s board of the Portuguese Music Trade Association, AMAEI, working on a multitude of projects as Communications Manager and Supervisor, including Music Declares Emergency Portugal. As a migrant, the values of empathy, diversity, and inclusion are at the center of his daily work.

At Focus Wales 2023, Bernardo is representing Portugal’s Export Office, WHY Portugal, which was created out of the Portuguese Trade Association, AMAEI.

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