Band Pres Llareggub

Owing to the age-old tradition of brass bands from the slate mining villages of North Wales’, Llareggub Brass Band ascend from the ashes of the past and bring with them an immense dose of heavy brass! Their music invokes the sumptuous flavours of New Orleans marching bands, together with Bronx-inspired Hip Hop and Welsh language pop music.

Formed by their bandleader Owain Roberts back in 2015, the band has released four studio albums and numerous EPs and are quickly making their mark as Wales’ best live (brass) act. Their live sets often feature guest vocals by the likes of Mr Phormula (Welsh Beatboxing Champion), Lisa Jên (9Bach), Alys Williams (BBC’s The Voice), Tara Bethan, Mared Williams and many more.

Sunday May 7th, 2023 12:00 amSat @ The Rockin' Chair Room 1
  • ‘Forward thinking welsh music industry showcase’


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