Angel Hotel

Indie Rock / Alternative Pop

Angel Hotel are a four piece, cinematic alternative indie-pop outfit from Cardiff, South Wales. They combine bitter/sweet melodies with raucous guitar driven pop in order to capture a contemporary twist on a classic sound.
Inspired by a burning passion for movie soundtracks, the Welsh trio harness emotive themes often found in film and use this influence to colour the music and engage the listener.
Formed in 2020, the band released their first single Key Largo last summer. In their own words it is a ‘heartfelt, honest account of modern life full of reflective introspection and hopeful optimism backed by a driving pop rhythm and an anthemic closing climax’.

The trio consists of Sion Russell Jones (vocals, guitar) who started his career as a solo singer song-writer emerging on the Welsh music scene and beyond. Having released several studio albums under his own name – the songwriting naturally progressed into a new direction that became Angel Hotel. As an artist published under BDI music, Sion has recorded, collaborated, toured and co-written with a plethora of eclectic acts, from the underground and beyond.

The visual concepts for the band are the creation of Carys Jones (bass, vocals, graphic design). As well as a long standing relationship with music, Carys has a background in fine art, portrait painting and collage creation. The collaborative dynamic between the two has proven to be a key element in the creation of the band as well as the building blocks that help shape the visual concepts of Angel Hotel.

Continuing the line up is esteemed drummer, Jordan Dibble. With a hugely versatile musical preference and an eclectic background in a litany of musical styles ranging from the simplistically saccharin to the absurdly complex.

Completing the line up is Barny Southgate. A virtuosic keys player who colours the music with interesting synthesiser sequences.

All originating from the vales of South and West Wales, Angel hotel aim to create music that you can picture in the films that shaped your outlook on life. Not necessarily a specific stylistic trait but more of a regal feeling of nostalgia and familiarity that helps the listener to connect and relate on an emotional level that transcends comparison and category.

The band plan on releasing a slew of singles in 2020/21 as well as a full length EP produced by Tim Woodcroft of Long Wave Studios and co produced by Russell Jones. Expect to see more from the trio in the coming months including live streams, festival announcements and release plans.

Saturday October 9th, 2021 6:30 pmSat @ The Star Cafe
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