Ali Dodds (Some Other Planet Records)

Some Other Planet Records (SOP) is an independent record label founded in London in 2016 by Salvador Garza Fishburn and Alistair Dodds. We support emerging artists from Europe and Latin America with an atypical, fresh, and innovative style.

We know what it’s like to sit on the artist side of a deal. So we set out to make sure our artists are treated fairly and to help them grow with the proper support they need.

SOP proposes contracts that are friendly to both the artist and the label, thus achieving an equitable relationship that helps both parties achieve their goals. Salvador’s experience in forming independent bands allows him to accompany the artist in every step of their development from recording to distribution, artist development to publishing.

Some Other Planet plans to continue growing but always maintaining a personal connection with each and every one of its artists.

So join the intergalactic music community of Some Other Planet Records and let’s go on a journey of musical discovery!

  • Winner of Best Festival for Emerging Talent at UK Festival Awards

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