Alex Vissia (VISSIA)

It is undeniable that Canadian artist – VISSIA – is a songwriting and performing force to be reckoned with. With a show-stopper of a voice and a knack for storytelling, VISSIA (VISS-ee-yuh) captures the minuscule moments of monotonous everyday life and turns them to gold on her fearless new album, With Pleasure (Hurry Hard Records); an album that pines for connection, reminiscing on missed connections, and blurry nights out that meant everything. On every song it feels like love is just around the corner. It’s a contagious feeling that makes us hopeful for the future and desperately excited to meet it.

Fresh off her performance at this year’s c/o Pop Festival in Cologne, VISSIA is spending time in the UK and Germany until near end of May when she returns to her 2022 Canadian tour. VISSIA and her team are interested in securing booking representation in the UK and EU.

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