Adrienne LaBelle (Mint Records, Canada)

Adrienne LaBelle is the label co-manager at Mint Records based in Vancouver, Canada. They have been involved in the music world for more than a decade as a musician, songwriter, performer, promoter, grant writer, grant juror, tour booker, tour manager, consultant, music video director, and occasional B-cam operator to the stars (via Nardwuar).

Adrienne got involved with Mint Records in 2015 as a musician on the roster (Supermoon, Jay Arner, Energy Slime) and between tours, started working as an intern. After a few years of project coordination and managing the sync department, she is now co-manager of the label which has recently celebrated its 30th year, and is host to artists such as Sook-Yin Lee, Wares, Kamikaze Nurse, Necking, Dumb, Kellarissa, and Heaven For Real.

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