Irish Times: ‘Music as beautiful as this doesn’t need words’ || Echoes and Dust: ‘Yucatan may be the most essential band on the planet’ || Gigslutz: ‘This is melancholy as a force of rejuvenation’ >>> Finally awake. A glimpse through gaps in the curtains reveals the all-conquering splendour of nature, a totem for the poetry within and a beacon of insurmountable awe. As winter mist rolls away from the summit, the residue of the morning lingers lightly on leaves and the elegantly solemn sound of Yucatan begins to play. A soundtrack to the movie of each and every day, each beat the step of fragile human feet beneath the magnificence of that which cannot be created, nor destroyed. Uwch Gopa'r Mynydd ( Above the Mountain Summit ) is the third release from Yucatan, first released in the UK on Recordiau Coll in summer 2015, and follows their praised, debut album, Yucatan (2007) and standalone EP Enlli (2010). The band, made up of itinerant multi-instrumentalists, Dilwyn Llwyd, Alex Morrison, Gwyn Llewelyn and Osian Howells, is led by Llwyd’s profound, quiet artistry on the edge of Wales’ Snowdonia National Park. Produced in partnership between the band and fellow Welshman, the Mercury Prize-nominated producer, David Wrench (Jungle/FKA Twigs) in North Wales, the album’s sweeping instrumentation achieves cinematic, emotional weight with the most delicate of touches. Storm clouds occasionally gather over gently flowing streams, as chiming guitars become distorted to meet primitive drum beats. Shade then gives way to glinting light as perfectlyplaced hand bells toy with Llwyd’s penetrating vocal. Yucatan’s sound, drawn from influences as varied as Radiohead, Hans Zimmer and Burt Bacharach, owes as much to the imagination as it offers in return, drawn equally from life in at the edge of Wales’ mountains as the vibrant streets of Barcelona and the glowing skies of Reykjavik. Equally a people’s band and musicians’ band, Yucatan receives the continued support of The Charlatans’ singer, songwriter and author, Tim Burgess, having supported the legendary band on their UK tour in late 2015. Burgess is effusive when asked about Uwch Gopa'r Mynydd, saying: “Such a good album. There's a magic to Yucatan's music. A kind of uplifting melancholy that takes you to beautiful places." Entering a second year of touring, Yucatan has become an identifiable feature of major festival line-ups in the United Kingdom, including the Isle of Wight Festival, Festival Number 6 and Kendal Calling, expanding their reach to once again include wider Europe during 2016, recalling the warmth of audiences in Poland, France and others on previous tours.

HWB Cymraeg @ Queen's Square / Saturday 12th May / 08:40 PM

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