The Routines

We are The Routines. Three friends from Caernarfon, North Wales. Dion Jones on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Jamie Thomas on Bass Guitar and Gethin Magee on Drums and Backing Vocals. Influenced by the humdrum life of full-time menial work in a place where even that is scarce and sought after. Big listeners of Pete Doherty's work, Sleaford Mods and other hard-hitting bands with spot on social observations, we have found what we like to write and sing about.We are the working-class band that has been missing from the scene for a while now. We like who and what we are and we do not hide behind a story of ourselves in our lyrics or in our demeanour. Our live shows are what we live for and they are extremely energetic. Jumping off platforms and into the crowd is a regular occurrence.Having released two English singles through Youtube videos, we have just released our first Welsh single. A song about the 9 to 5 life in a job you hate.What are we working on at the moment? A few more Welsh singles with a view to record an English album early in 2018.

Saith Seren / Thursday 10th May / 08:20 PM

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