Shinobi Boombap

PhoreCite, Skinny Bill and Kion Mic Tyson are a three piece rap collective from North Wales Urban Media. We are an eclectic mix of new and old sounding hip hop blending the sub genres to create bass heavy rap with lyrics covering an array of topic matter. The Shinobi boombap project blends our three styles and brings them together in a concentration of pure ruthless underground boombap force! >>>>> PhoreCite- Former dont' flop battler, producer, and song writer PhoreCite has been in the underground hip hop scene in the north west for a period of time and has recently dropped three albums: The Dole Scum Warrior LP, Scumbag Rap and more recently Get Paid Or Starve Tryin' PhoreCite- Bandcamp >>>>> Skinny Bill- Wrexham based concious lyricist Skinny Bill uses hard hitting word play and rhymeschemes to really get into your head whilst putting his bars down. An extremely ecclectic artist that has done everything from underground hip hop to horrorcore. Skinny Bill Bandcamp >>>>> Kion Mic Tyson- Mic Tyson is a newschool MC who brings hard hitting flows and oldschool grime bars to the table with a dash of hard reality in his content. Manchester born and raised Mic Tyson moved to North Wales recently and has teamed up with Shinobi and North Wales Urban Media.

Set The Bar / Friday 11th May / 08:00 PM

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