Phil Watson

There were rumblings, deep down in the pits of whatever age-appropriate trousers Phil Watson was wearing at last years Focus Wales. These rumblings at one point threatened to form themselves into interpretive dance moves which would have easily and quickly made a mockery of those comfortable slacks. The joy of this debut almost killed the elation before it could walk! Thankfully, a stern look and a shake of the head from his reflection told him that whatever the hell it is he writes songs about couldn’t be adequately told through this misunderstood medium. Another time perhaps, maybe during the video for the third single from his wildly underrated third album that he hasn’t written yet. Or maybe, just maybe, if he gets booked for Focus Wales again he might finally discard the guitar and embrace the leotard within, at the Old No.7 Bar. Come along to see me not dance at all. I’ll be selling some music on a CD with any luck so you can buy one if you like, these dance lessons don’t pay for themselves you know.

Old No. 7 Bar / Saturday 12th May / 04:10 PM

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