Martin Carr (The Boo Radleys)

Formerly songwriter, guitarist, and creative force behind The Boo Radleys, and bravecaptain, Carr will perform select dates across the UK in the coming months. Carr’s long awaited third solo album, NEW SHAPES OF LIFE was written and recorded last year in the Cardiff-based singer-songwriter’s home studio. Its eight songs were formed as if under a spell – by soul music, the death of David Bowie, and what proved to be his own increasing emotional breakdown. Carr completely re-imagined his general approach towards making music, moving away from the guitar towards visionary use of sampling, but significantly, focusing more on meaning than craft. “I was looking for a sound and a voice to call my own,” Carr says. “That was the starting point. The theme was to be myself, to attempt to discover what made me tick, to work out why I behaved the way I did. I wanted to go deeper and find more room in the depths… NEW SHAPES OF LIFE is the first album I've made where I can stand by every word I've written. It's the first one that sounds like me and it won't be the last.” NEW SHAPES OF LIFE has fast earned rapturous critical applause in the UK, with UNCUT praising it as “a succinct, deceptively simple half-hour outing…Apprehensive on the gorgeously fluid title track, despairing amid the lovely piano lines of waltz ‘A Mess Of Everything,’ and confessional on the upbeat ‘Three Studies Of The Male Back’ – where amusingly he admits to being stoned as a goose – (Carr) makes sweet music of a midlife crisis.” MOJO hailed the album’s “palpable air of personal disquiet...’Damocles’ packs Bond - theme drama, while ‘The Main Man’ pairs painful personal revelation with an elegant, almost Bacharach-like chorus.” // “Gloriously direct,” and “instantly familiar” wrote CLASH. “Like a particularly fine claret, Carr is definitely getting better with age,” applauded The Quietus.

St Giles’ / Saturday 12th May / 08:10 PM

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