John Lawrence (ex-Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci)

“Lawrence emerges as a 21st Century troubadour of the highest calibre”; “Former Gorky’s guitarist scales dizzy heights of semi-acoustic excellence.” MOJO Magazine | John Lawrence, a founding member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, with four critically acclaimed solo albums under his belt, is also one of Wales’ leading record producers as well as busy live sound engineer. He writes a diverse range of music, cohesive in its timelessness, seamlessly blending classic rock, folk, blues, funk and jazzy genres, whilst somehow keeping its feet firmly on the ground. Recording alone in his studio, based in the remote mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales, John has a unique approach to orchestrating the sound of a full band. Layering all the instruments himself, allows him to create more intricate arrangements, and express his creativity and vision through his multi instrumental talents. Inspired by the fabulous dark sky views of the heavens above the rugged landscape, attuned to the magic of existence, John likes to push himself musically with an holistic approach to production, that translates into incredibly beautiful, boundary transcending music. Highly melodic, his solo acoustic live set stands out, with a mature and percussive guitar style and a broad minded approach to the singer songwriter form.

The Royal Oak / Friday 11th May / 07:10 PM

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